Teyuna, better known as the lost city in colombia, is known by the kogi, wiwas, arhuacos, among many other native tribes who live near the Lost city, as the place of “the origin of the people from the earth”
in 2015 Patricio, founder and musical director of this musical collective project, traveled to colombia, central america, and went to visit this ancient ruins, which during his time spent there, he was submerged in the magic and essence of this sacred land.
Teyuna is home to some of the most natural and sacred cultures still remaining on earth, as they call them selves, the elder brother, care takers of mother earth.
The lost city (Teyuna), is one of hundreds, still “lost cities”, which after an agreement with the government of colombia, they gave permission to do archeological studies and touristic visits.
After discovered in 1976, teyuna has seen the presence of numerous visitors, such as the narco trafico, guerrillas, paramilitares and finally the governments military.
Today, teyuna or “the lost city” is safe and open for archeological and & touristic purposes.
Teyuna Collective is a band of roving musicians, which includes musicians from around the globe, and South America, which is the ancestral background of it’s founder and Musical Director, Patricio Lara.
Submerged in folkloric roots from Latin America, Teyuna is a collective movement, where musicians from all around the world will pass leaving their legacy, in resonance with the needs and flows of a musical world culture which is in thirst of re uniting with Mother Earth’s roots. Teyuna as the Kogi indigenous people from Colombia, calls the lost city, in their culture it means “ the origin of the people from the earth “ as spoken in their legends.
Welcome to the sound of nature, in harmony with the music which carries ancestrality from all kinds beyond boundaries, a modern mixture of sounds and art which will take you on a journey throughout the world, and it’s roots from nature
Pato Lara, Founder/Director of the Teyuna Collective musical project, is a traveler, his music is a mix of flavors and rhythms of the world, through the fusion of latin america & the world.
On his trip to Colombia in 2015 he visits the Lost City and is submerged in natures magic. Where he realizes the whole meaning of his journey to this sacred place is the answer he had been searching for a new musical project he had in mind and that had naturally been building up as result of his performances as a solo artist with his band “Pato Lara Band”.
As a result of life’s synchronicity, Teyuna Collective musical project has come to live out of the heart of nature’s rhythms.
Pato, on his encounter with this beautiful place, felt a strong connection to it’s nature and inhabitants, and decided to mix sounds of nature he recorded on his trip over there, with compositions of his own honoring mother earth and it’s descendants.
As the legend says, teyuna was built nearly 800 years before another historical place, machu pichu, and was conquered by the tayrona indigenous people who were sailors from asia, and were on their spiritual journey sharing their wisdom with the world in order to take care of mother earth for the coming times.
Welcome to Teyuna collective musical project.