” The origin of the people from the earth “

Teyuna Collective is a band of roving musicians who gather for different musical and artistic projects, which includes musicians and artist from around the globe, and South America, which is the ancestral background of it’s founder and Musical Director Patricio Lara.
Submerged in folkloric roots from Latin America, where musicians from all around the world will pass leaving their legacy, in resonance with the needs and flows of a musical world culture which is in thirst of re uniting with Mother Earth’s roots. Teyuna as the Kogi indigenous people from Colombia, calls the lost city, in their culture it means “ the origin of the people from the earth “ as spoken in their legends.
Welcome to the sound of nature, in harmony with the music which carries ancestrality from all kinds beyond boundaries, a modern mixture of sounds and art which will take you on a journey throughout the world, and it’s roots from nature
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Teyuna at bondi beach radio

Live performance of Teyuna at Bondi Beach Radio 2016

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